Company Introduction

Singapore International Education Group Pte. Ltd.

Singapore International Education Group Pte. Ltd. is a cutting-edge education group in Singapore, as well as a national preschool education demonstration institution and teaching staff cultivation base jointly certified by Early Childhood Development Agency, Singapore Workforce Development Agency and NTUC.

Since its established, Singapore International Education Pte. Ltd. has accumulated a set of complete management and operation system, including powerful bilingual teaching staff training, independently developed curriculum system and detailed joining process and supporting team, complete ERP system, management team with members from famous universities and with rich experience, and provided excellent integral solution for under-age international education program and cooperation.

Education System

The Singapore International Education Group has been committed to providing comprehensive and superior preschool education services for children aged 0-6 years old. We know the importance of early education for infants very well and have been following the principles of RIE (Resources for Infant Educares) concept, adhering to the attentive and professional beliefs, integrating the experience of Singapore’s infant education and innovative practices, and we apply cross-cultural quality international education system and philosophy in a professional manner to help more children of school age have more and more equitable quality education resources, so that we can benefit more children and make education returns to education itself.

Singapore’s infant education system has become one of the top education systems in the world with its advanced and scientific educational philosophy and methods, rich experience in early childhood education and outstanding educational achievements.The combination of the Asian education system, which tends to be basic and practical, and the Western education system, which emphasizes freedom of exploration and respect for differences, has led to a unique and elite education system that has laid a solid foundation for Singapore’s education to be at the forefront of global education. We look forward to actively engaging in international exchange and cooperation in preschool education by sharing educational resources and achievements and developing comprehensive international education services.

Jessie He
Director of SIE

As the President of the Council of the Early Childhood Education Association of Singapore, SIE takes up the heavy responsibility of promoting the philosophy and experience of early childhood education in Singapore. Through multiple forms and channels of international exchange and cooperation in preschool education, it actively introduces educational resources of high quality, develops international educational services, promotes international industry standards and cultivates international professional talents for other countries and regions.