As the President of the Council of the Early Childhood Education Association of Singapore, SIE takes up the heavy responsibility of promoting the philosophy and experience of early childhood education in Singapore. Through multiple forms and channels of international exchange and cooperation in preschool education, it actively introduces educational resources of high quality, develops international educational services, promotes international industry standards and cultivates international professional talents for other countries and regions.


Singapore Early Childhood Education Association has rich experience and resource. It has gathered many early childhood education institutions and education experts from all over the world. The liaison offices of the association are widely distributed. Currently, there are liaison offices in North Carolina Ameriaca,Toronto Canada, Bangkok Thailand, Aichi ken Japan, Melbourne Australia, Jakarta Indonesia, Chengdu China . Now we open the membership application channel, invite the early years industry well-known brands and high-quality centres to join the association to create a world stage for your children with an international perspective!

Honorary Overseas Member of SECEA

Recommended Quality preschool of Aisa by SECEA